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Warner will crush Gillespie

Gov. Sen. Mark Warner will "crush" former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie in this year's Senate race.

The Democratic governor's remarks came in a sit down interview with The Associated Press on Friday, a day after Gillespie announced his challenge to Warner.

McAuliffe is the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and was a frequent television sparring partner with Gillespie.

But the two are friends and share very similar backgrounds. Both are from Irish Catholic families in the Northeast, both graduated from Catholic University in Washington and both rose through the ranks of their respective political parties while becoming wealthy along the way.

Gillespie will have to defeat two Republican primary Anavar Reddit challengers before taking on Warner, a former governor.

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feeling a bit giddy about just barely winning, huh Criminal McAuliffe? So far all recent Virginia races, except one, and including president were extremely close and 2 were/are less than .5% difference. One is still only 9 votes difference. Doesn't look like a crushing at all. It just depends if the free stuff crowd outnumbers the producers by a smidgeon again. Remember, Warner is one of the extreme 1% and one of the 10 most rich Senators but I am sure he will run on the typical pandering platform.

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that Bivirkninger is 10 months away. First of all, we don't even know who the Republican candidate will be. 3 men currently running and hard to say who else might enter the race. Bolling? Cuccinelli? McDonnell? As the candidates publicly declare their positions on the various issues, it is possible that one or more will step on his crank.

Another factor will be whether Virginia Republican voters select the candidate in a primary or whether the selection will be determined by those who attend a party convention.

Whoever is named will be very competitive in the general election, and it is too early to be calling this horse race. Virginia is a traditionally conservative state, and when the GOP has presented candidates 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron with broad based appeal, they win.